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The Lint King is proud of our customer satisfaction record as shown by the customer testimonials that we've received from our dryer vent cleaning customers since 2005.

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What is the cost running my dryer?

Gas dryers cost approximately $60 more to purchase initially, but natural gas is usually less expensive than electricity, so gas dryers will cost less to operate. As of June 2014 natural gas was approximately 68 cents per Thermal unit.

Depending on your utility, drying a load of laundry cost between 32 to 41 cents in an electric dryer, or 15 to 33 cents in a gas dryer.

So lets assume and average cost per load is $0.30. I f you do 3 loads a day it will cost about $0.90 per day, if your dryer is working properly.

Learn how much your dryer costs and how much you can SAVE when your dryer is working properly.

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