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The average cost of dryer vent cleaning is $135 assuming the dryer ductwork was correctly installed, and we're only doing routine maintenance for basements and first-floor laundry access. Roof vents and second story vents have average charge of $155 to $189. We often find bird nests, wet lint, water, disconnected or broker dryer ducts and flexible plastic hose. These are repairs and have other fees. Get The Lint King Coupon.

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What is the cost running my dryer?

Gas dryers cost approximately $60 more to purchase initially, but natural gas is usually less expensive than electricity, so gas dryers will cost less to operate.

Depending on your utility, drying a load of laundry cost between 32 to 41 cents in an electric dryer, or 15 to 33 cents in a gas dryer.

So lets assume and average cost per load is $0.30. If you do 3 loads a day it will cost about $0.90 per day, if your dryer is working properly.

Learn how much your dryer costs and how much you can SAVE when your dryer is working properly.

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