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Your Clothes Dryer Can Use 13% of a Home's Energy Budget

Clothes Dryer Energy Cost Calculator Electric vs Gas DryersHow Much Does It Cost to Run a Clothes Drye ? The average Clothes Dryer Energy Cost is 3 kilowatts/hr of electricity, and a gas dryer uses 22,000 BTUs/hr of gas plus 1.5 kilowatts/hour of energy to turn the drum. The amount of energy used depends on the appliances' airflow through the ductwork to the outside.

Clothes Dryer Energy Calculator. Maintaining your clothes dryer's airways can save you MONEY in the laundry room? Most homeowners' first-time cleaning average SAVINGS is $187 and 650 HOURS doing laundry per year. Dryers take about 4% of your home's total energy consumption and can use as much as 13% when it take 3 hours to dry a load of clothes. Keep these tips in mind when doing laundry:

Gas VS Electric Dryers? Residential clothes dryers operate in much the same way. They use Gas or Electricity for the heating of air. Most appliances have one motor to turn a drum that tumbles clothes and the blower. The heated air moves through the machine as the fan pulls air through the lint trap and out of the clothes dryer. Todays appliances have a moisture sensing technology that will automatically end the cycle?

The heated air then passes through the drum removing moisture (approx. ½ gallon of water). In Northern illinois the operating costs vary depending on if natural gas or electricity is used to heat the air?

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We have noticed some interesting facts about the actual cost of drying your clothes.

Clothes Dryer Energy Cost more with electric dryers because the electric heating elements take longer to heat up. A gas burner produces heat sooner. The initial investment for a gas dryer cost approximately $58 more, but natural gas is usually less costly than electricity, so gas dryers will cost less to operate. Depending on your utility rates, drying a load of laundry can cost between 19 to 38 cents in an electric dryer, and 16 to 34 cents in a gas dryer. Did you Know? A gas dryer can save you up to 25% in energy costs.

The advantages of a gas dryer are it's efficiency, because natural gas drys clothes more quickly and for less money than electric clothes dryers.

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How much energy do clothes dryer use?

Clothes Dryer Energy Cost
Depends on Airflow. Clothes Dryer Airflow Calculator.

Gas VS Electric Dryers. Calculate your Cost Per Load Electric vs. Gas Dryers Calculate your Cost Per Load $89 - $185 USA Illinois Towns and Villages