Clothes Dryer Energy Calculator

Your Clothes Dryer Can Use 13% of a Home's Energy Budget

Clothes Dryer Energy Calculator

Are you wondering about the cost implications of running a clothes dryer? An electric clothes dryer consumes approximately three kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. A gas dryer utilizes about 22,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour of gas alongside 1.5 kWh to operate the drum. Your appliance's efficiency can significantly depend on how well it channels the airflow through the ductwork to the exterior of your home.

Take advantage of our Clothes Dryer Energy Calculator to optimize your dryer’s performance and potentially save big. This tool is designed to help you maintain the efficiency of your dryer’s airways and vent ductwork. By keeping these components clean, you could experience substantial savings.

Dryer Energy Calculator

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We have noticed some interesting facts about the actual cost of drying your clothes.

Some homeowners report an initial savings of approximately $187 annually, along with a reduction of up to 650 hours spent doing laundry each year.

Clothes dryers account for about 4% of total home energy usage. This figure can spike to as much as 13% if your dryer takes three hours to complete a single load. By ensuring your dryer's venting is clear and efficient, you not only save money but also improve the safety and operations of your appliance.

Explore how you can improve your dryer's efficiency and enjoy savings in both time and energy with our intuitive calculator. Start optimizing your laundry routine today!

Gas VS Electric Dryers? Residential clothes dryers operate in much the same way. They use Gas or Electricity for the heating of air. Most appliances have one motor to turn a drum that tumbles clothes and the blower. The heated air moves through the machine as the fan pulls air through the lint trap and out of the clothes dryer. Todays appliances have a moisture sensing technology that will automatically end the cycle?

Clothes Dryer Energy Cost more with electric dryers because the electric heating elements take longer to heat up. A gas burner produces heat sooner. The initial investment for a gas dryer cost approximately $58 more, but natural gas is usually less costly than electricity, so gas dryers will cost less to operate. Depending on your utility rates, drying a load of laundry can cost between 19 to 38 cents in an electric dryer, and 16 to 34 cents in a gas dryer. Did you Know? A gas dryer can save you up to 25% in energy costs.

The advantages of a gas dryer are it's efficiency, because natural gas dryers clothes more quickly and for less money than electric clothes dryers.

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Most of today's modern clothes dryers come with moisture sensing technology that automatically shuts off the machine when your clothes are dry. With this type of control, the use of dryer sheets to reduce static electricity is unnecessary.

Dryer sheets leave a waxy film on everything. Over time they clog up the dryer's temperature and pressure sensors and can cause health issues like skin irritation and breathing issues in both people and our pets. Learn more, read our blog post - Why are Dryer Sheets Toxic?

Also, moisture sensor control can save 15-20% over timed dry, and 5% over a temperature-controlled machine. Thus reducing time-to-dry and the wear and tear on clothes caused by the over-heating and tumbling.

Clothes Dryer Temperatures

A Clothes Dryer's Temperatures Ranges from 120°F to 135°F

What is the history behind exhaust temperatures of clothes dryers?

In the mid-1980's manufactures added a thermal fuse as a way to reduce clothes dryer fires. These thermal fuses have one of two blowout setting, 198°F, and 185°F.

Unfortionly these devices have a wide tolerance range or could be defective. In such cases, the internal temperature can exceed 300°F. Bad things happen at these temperatures including toxic fumes from electrical components, especially older appliances.

There was a trend in the early 1990s, that reduced the clothes dryer's internal temperature settings. I attribute this to further reducing the risk of a fire.

Most modern machines have at least three cycles, low heat, medium heat, and high heat for regular clothes. Today appliance also has a much lower operating temperature in the range of 110°F to 135°F.

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Just set the temperatures to HIGH and run a Timed Dry Cycle for 15-20 minutes with DRY Clothes

How much energy do clothes dryer use?

Clothes Dryer Energy Cost
Depends on Airflow. Clothes Dryer Airflow Calculator.

Gas VS Electric Dryers. Calculate your Cost Per Load Electric vs. Gas Dryers Calculate your Cost Per Load $89 - $189 USA Illinois Towns and Villages