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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Residential Dryer Vents Cleaning Costs

Dryer vent cleaningIf your dryer vent has never been cleaned than we will require a discovery to determine the the true status of your dryer's air-flow... Inspection are $59 for dryer vents, which will be applied to cleaning costs. When we complete our assessment, we will give you a complete report for the residential dryer vents cleaning cost and any repairs like; part replacement, bird nest removal, accessibility, and fully clogged vents.

The average cost for dryer vent cleaning is $125 assuming the dryer duct work was installed properly. We often find bird nests, wet lint, water, disconnected or broker dryer ducts and plastic flexible hose. Flexible white plastic dryer vent hose is unsafe.

DO NOT USE! All of these items should be repaired or replaced and can add some cost to the job.

In our 10 years of experience we've had some jobs that exceed $200, but this very rare and have found that most of our clients first dryer vent cleaning average cost is $119 +/- $20. Most Bird Nest Removals cost are $30 +/- $20. This includes the proper disposal of the nest and moldy lint.

The Lint King's Annual Clients...

The Lint King's annual routine dryer vent maintenance starts as low as $89 (from dryer to outside wall) for dryer vents. Call now to speak with the Lint King dryer vent cleaning professional for additional information. Other charges may apply for part replacement, bird nest removal, accessibility and fully clogged vents.

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Residential Dryer Vents Cleaning Costs

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Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Plastic Dryer Vent Hose Must Be Replaced
Plastic Dryer Vent Hose Must Be Replaced

Flexible White Plastic Dryer Vent Hose Must Be Replaced!

Plastic dryer vent pipe has a ribbed surface that restricts airflow. Then lint builds up in the vent pipe and clothes dryer. This restricts airflow and lint builds up causing overheating and possible dryer fire. If a fire starts in your dryer the plastic vent hose can't stop the fire from spreading.

Plastic Dryer Vents Are Inefficient

Clothes take longer to dry and the will wear-out from over hearting. Your utility bill will be higher because it takes 2-5 time longer to complete a load. Dryer parts will began to fail from overheating and it may void the appliances warranty.

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What is the cost to clean residential dryer vents?

As the best dryer vent cleaning company in Northern Illinois we offer home owners an affordable solutions to a potential disaster. With annual inspection and cleaning you can be confident that your dryer's vent is operating at maximum efficiency.

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