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We Remove Birds Nest From Vents

Bird nest removal from ventBefore we remove the nest, we carefully inspect for loose debris around the vent and then scare the birds away so we can begin the process.

Then we remove any eggs from the nest and place them somewhere nearby where the parents can find them. If there are no eggs in the nest, then we remove the bird nest. Some bird's nests go deep inside, as much as 6-8 feet, and require special tools to remove and clean the ductwork. Now the dryer vent will need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove lint and bird droppings. Now we can add a bird & rodent covers prevent future entry to Clothes Dryer, Bathroom, or Kitchen vents.

Be aware... adding a bird cover requires more maintenance and frequent inspections to remove lint buildup. A visual inspection should be performed once a month. If the mesh gets and stays clogged it will increase drying time as it backfills the dryer ducts all the way to the dryer.

ALERT - This will progressively increase your UTILITY BILL and cause overheating of the appliance!


Bird Nest Removal guarantee Kitchen - Bathroom
Guaranteed Bird Nest Removal


We help homeowners maintain their clothes dryers' airflow by performing required cleaning service to remove lint hair, and pet fur, and sometimes a birds nest.

Homeowners may needs to remove and replace after cleaning thoroughly the birds cover. In some cases, this need to be as often as quarterly. All depend on the amount of laundry you do weekly.

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