Bird Nest Removal

Bird Nest Removal
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Vent Pipe Bird's Nest Removal & Prevention

Bird nest removal from ventBefore we remove the nest, we carefully inspect for loose debris and scare the birds away to begin the process.

Then we remove the bird's nest. Some bird's nests go deep inside, as much as 6-8 feet, and require special tools to remove and clean the ductwork. Now the dryer vent will need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove lint and bird droppings. We can add bird & rodent covers to prevent future entry to the Clothes Dryer, Bathroom, or Kitchen vents.

Be aware, adding a bird cover requires more maintenance and frequent inspections to remove lint buildup. The homeowner should visually inspect once a month for issues. If the mesh gets and stays clogged, it will increase drying time as it backfills the dryer ducts to the dryer.

Alert - This will progressively increase your UTILITY BILL and cause overheating of the appliance!


Bird Nest Removal guarantee Kitchen - Bathroom
Bird Nest Prevention


We help homeowners maintain their clothes dryers' airflow by performing the necessary cleaning and repairs. We install new cover and flaps to help keep birds from nesting. We also have a $15 OFF coupon good for any services.

Homeowners should look for signs of birds in vents weekly during spring and summer.

Bird Nest Removal guarantee Kitchen - Bathroom
The Best Bird Nest Prevention


The patented thin steel bar design effectively blocks intrusion while allowing the air to flow freely through.

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