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What Causes a Clogged Dryer Vent?

A clogged Pipe has a buildup of lint and other debris.

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Homeowners with today’s modern laundry rooms find clothes dryers almost anywhere in the home, creating very long vents and clogged dryer vent.

Your Duct Work has complicated runs that have several bends.

This scenario means dryer vents tend to create backpressure, and the dryer’s efficiency is degraded.

Homeowners with Long clothes dryer vents will collect lint more rapidly than dryer ducts with shorter runs and fewer turns.

What Causes Dryer Vent Clogging?

Customers with clothes dryer ducts longer than 25 feet should consider annual cleanings because a Clogged Dryer Vent can cost you more to operate your dryer. RESIDENTIAL DRYER VENTS

Other hazards are dryer vents made of flexible plastic occur When the dryer gets pushed back against the wall, it gets crushed. This type of dryer duct material is more likely to sag.

This is why we recommend ridge metal or UL-approved flexible metal ducts. All connections should be with aluminum foil tape for the dryer vent.

Dryer vents should not have screws or duct tape. Screws catch lint, and the tape will dry out and be useless.

Customers that use Screens or cages at the Dryer duct termination point outside your home will prevent animals from getting in; consequently, you’ll need to check frequently for lint buildup.

Homeowners that clean the clothes dryer vent screen will get proper airflow. Good airflow is approximately 15 MPH up to 20 MPH at the exit outside your home.

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