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Snow Covered Dryer Vents and Carbon Monoxide

Dryer Vents and Carbon Monoxide

Dryer Vents and Carbon Monoxide
Ice-covered dryer vent

Snow and Ice Covered Dryer Vents Cause Homeowner Headaches

Blocked clothes dryer vents with snow or ice are more than just a nuisance. The iced-over flaps need to be cleared. Ice forms and builds up around the outside of your dryer vents.

The lint, dust, and other debris normally get carried away from your clothes. They should exit your house, but instead, get trapped inside the dryer and dryer vent. Serious problems can occur if your dryer vent exits your home in an area prone to snow cover or water runoff.

For example, when snow drifts off the roof, it can easily accumulate several feet high, covering up the dryer vent below. Snow not only enters the vent, but it can also freeze over.

Blocked Vent Cause Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Perhaps the most harmful effect of a snow-covered or ice-blocked vent stems from carbon monoxide (CO). This gas gets trapped within the gas dryer and released back into your home or salon.

Exposure to the gas can lead to health problems, including headaches and dizziness.  Prolonged carbon monoxide exposure can even lead to death. Although carbon monoxide buildup and exposure are not hazards with electric dryers, they can overheat!

Gas dryers must be checked after every snowstorm or deep freeze to ensure they are venting properly.

Blocked dryer vents waste energy because your dryer has to work harder to dry your clothes. Snow and ice can prevent the dryer’s vent flapper from opening properly, preventing cooler air into the appliance.  A blocked dryer vent causes lint to build up.

Frequently Asked Carbon Monoxide Questions (CDC)

4 Signs Of A Blocked Dryer Vent!

Four signs your dryer vent is blocked by snow or ice

  • Increased dryer time. If you notice your dryer taking longer than usual to dry your clothes
  • Your clothes feel hot to the touch.
  • Lint blowing out into your room, or lint settling on your clean clothes.
  • Lint settling on the inside and the dryer’s back panel.

If you are concerned that your dryer vents may be clogged due to excessive snow and ice buildup, please contact us at (847) 874-4805 to have a trained technician from The Lint King remove the snow around your dryer vent, inspect and clean your dryer vent and ensure your dryer is safe to operate and free from Blocked Dryer Vent and Carbon Monoxide.

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