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Why You Should Clean your Washer and Dryer Drum

Residual laundry detergent, fabric softener, and built-up debris can get stuck in your washer and dryer drum and doors. Clothes washers will eventually grow mold and develop a musty smell, especially front-loaders! To dodge this, make sure you clean your appliance regularly and do it thoroughly.

Bad Odors and Mildew Smell in Washers and Dryers
Bad Odors and Mildew Smell in Washer and Dryer Drum

Washer and Dryer Drum Cleaning

After every wash, remove any debris, pet fur, or hair, so it doesn’t redeposit on future loads. Every three months, give your washing machine a deep clean. Some washers have a dedicated cleaning cycle; I still thoroughly clean it with 1/2 cup of liquid chlorine bleach added to the dispenser and running a regular hot water cycle. You can use cleaners like Affresh or Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. Front-loaders need to be wipe, including the rubber seal on the door.

Similar to washing machines, dryers require routine maintenance. Regularly clean the lint trap before and after every load. Also, once a month, clean the assembly around the lint filter. First, pull out any lint you can grab, and then use a vacuum and a dryer airway brush to remove the loose debris. 

Clothes Dryer Drum Needs to be Cleaned Often

It would also be great if you vacuumed behind and under the machine at least once a year. Make the job more accessible with a MagVent professionally installed by The Lint King to make pulling your dryer away from the wall easier. And if it’s been a while since the last dryer duct cleaning, The Lint King has a special offer of $15 Off any dryer vent service.

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