Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Residential Single-family and Multi-family One and Two Story Homess

The average cost of dryer vent cleaning is $135 before coupons and is for routine maintenance of correctly installed ductwork. We often find bird nests, wet lint, water, disconnected or broker dryer pipes, and flexible plastic hose. The white plastic dryer vent hose is unsafe. These items should be repaired or replaced and can add cost to the job.

On average, routine Maintenance Dryer Vent Cleaning Costs $135 with a range from $89 to $185*. * Crawl spaces, roof vents, attics, and second-story vents can have an additional charge . Most Bird Nest Removal costs are $30 +/- $20 and include the nest disposal.

Returning Lint King Customers that keep up annual routine dryer vent maintenance will save the most money. Call now to speak with a Lint King dryer vent cleaning professional for additional information. Other charges may apply for repairs, replacement parts, bird nest removal or covers, accessibility, and fully clogged or damaged ductwork.

When the work is completed, we will give you a complete report of the dryer vent cleaning, any issues we find.

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Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent cleaning The Lint King

Clothes take longer to dry, and they will wear-out from overheating. Your utility bill will be higher because it takes 2-5 times longer to complete a load. Dryer parts will begin to fail from overheating, and it may void the dryer's warranty.

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Prevent a dryer fire with dryer vent cleaning

What Does It Cost To Clean MY Dryer Vent?

We are the best choice for a dryer vent cleaning company in Northern Illinois we offer homeowners an affordable solution to a potential disaster. The Lint King annual inspection and cleaning cost on average $135. The Lint King serve ensures that your dryer's vent is operating at maximum efficiency.

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The Lint King Inc - Residential Single-family and Multi-family One and Two Story Homes $89 - $185
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